Kougar Column 12-23-2021

Posted by Robert Lukens on 12/23/2021

Hello, again Kougar family.  I hope the entire area had a fantastic start to the Christmas season.  The twelve days of Christmas may not be standard for all. However, each of the 12 days after December 25th, I like to list at least all the gifts in my life.  In the season of giving, my wife, my family, my young children are near the top, but the blessing of being here in Kadoka is also very significant.  Thank you to all for your tremendous support of our students and staff.  Community support is the most critical part of a high-grade public-school experience, and you bring that here in spades.

Heading into the new school year, we are blessed with great activities for our students to partake.  We are focused solely on the student-athlete experience at Kadoka Area School.  Therefore, start new eligibility guidelines at the start of the new semester.  The Kadoka Area Middle School and the Kadoka Area High School run on different eligibility systems due to the diverse preferences of our teams.  As a former classroom teacher, I support this.  We allow our middle school teams to deal with the younger students differently from our high school teams to deal with the eldest students in the area.  Each stage is different emotionally, developmentally, and above all; academically.

The middle school team will run eligibility checks every week.  So to start the new year, all middle schoolers at KAMS should be eligible to participate in any sport, or activity.

They will stay eligible if they can keep all grades above 70% or a C grade.  Checks for middle school are every Tuesday, and they can play immediately upon raising their grade in the Infinite Campus grade book provided by the state.  

High School grade checks are every four and a half weeks.  The last check was on December 17th at the end of the semester, and the next grade check will be on February 2nd.  After the check on February 2nd, a student has one week to get their grade up to a C average to become eligible.  If the student cannot get their classroom grade to an acceptable level by then, they must wait until the next grade check to qualify in the activity.

Academic eligibility is a policy that we hope we never have to deal with, and we hope to see all students on the court, playing field, or stage all of the time.  However, it is essential that all stakeholders firmly understand the policy so when we are saddened by our favorite student not participating in their activity, we all know why. 

Thank you for your time and understanding.

In support of the Kougars,




Robert Lukens

MS/HS Principal

Kadoka Area High School