Kougar Column- 11-11-2021

Posted by Robert Lukens on 11/11/2021

The topic of this column is improvement. In middle school and high school, we stress that we need to be thinking about getting one percent better each day. Some days that won't happen; other days, we will grow much more than minimum. It is the nature of our profession. If, as teachers, we break down the skills into small sequential steps, we see significant growth. As this column will be released on Veteran's Day, I am so thankful for those in our society from the military who parallel this process.  With great pride, I support an institution that built the premise that "American Made" stands for something all over the world, and we thank those that made it possible for that definition to stand.


Recently, the state of South Dakota has been assisting us in a Comprehensive Needs Analysis, or a CNA; this is a process we use to understand what we as a school need to do to become better. Our student-athletes go to summer camps to play with different coaches in the off-season. We have the opportunity to bring in a fresh perspective on our instructional direction as we move forward as a learning team.  As educators, we see our students struggle to grow and learn new topics in our classroom, and we understand the process it takes to get better. It isn't easy to look at ourselves in the mirror and evaluate our system with another.  As we do the evaluation in the CNA, we are excited about the results. This is a better place for our kids to learn and grow because of taking this step.


A better school means a better community in Kadoka. Recently, I learned that a simple five percent rise in graduation rate represents a 32 billion dollar increase in economic stimulus. The dollar amount equates to a 640 million dollar jump in revenues for the state of South Dakota.  That is sixteen times more than the governor's 2022 budget plans to transfer to savings. It would cover a third of the governor's budget revenues overall. Numbers like these make me understand why my job is essential to Kadoka and important areawide.


Improvement and growth are something our athletes work on each day. Hudson Taylor, namely, did that very well this season. He ran recently at the state cross-country meet and clocked a personal record time. Thank you, Hudson, for your effort. We appreciate it.


Finally, as we break into between our fall and winter sports seasons, we want to recognize the great work of our seniors this fall: Tyler Ring and Dawson Reckling in football; Andi Stone, Rebekah Shuck, Madison Brown, and Lanie Blair in volleyball; and Farryn Knutson in cross country. Thank you to everyone who made this season a success.


In support of the Kougars,


Mr. Robert Lukens

MS/HS Principal