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Kadoka Area High School Music Department Receives State Award

South Dakota Music Education Association School Participation Award

In this school year we had in total we have over 76% of our high school students involved in the music department at Kadoka Area High School and the for the 7th year in a row Kadoka Area High School Music Department received the South Dakota Music Education High School Participation Award for the percentage of students involved in musical activities and the quality of performance that we provide for the students in this area.  Kadoka Area High School is one of six that are currently being honored in the state for this great achievement.

All-State Chorus

The 2021 Kadoka Area High School All-State Chorus members were…

  • Soprano – Felicity Keegan with Andi Stone and Jordan Grimes as alternate
  • Alto – Rebecca Shuck with Madison Brown as alternate
  • Tenor – Ryan Shuck with Madison Brown as alternate
  • Bass – Tyrel Mansfield

This year was especially exciting, not only because we got to have the event, but that Rebecca Shuck was honored the 4-year award for her years in the All-State Chorus event.

Region VII Honors Band Participants

  • Middle School
    • Shaylee Porch
    • Jazmine McDonald
    • Dalton Grimes
    • Kaylee Kusick
  • High School
    • Jordan Grimes
    • Lincoln Koehn
    • Tia Has No Horse
    • Tyrel Mansfield
    • Jared Nemecek

Region VII Honors Band and Northern Holls Honors Band

  • Alyana Jannsen
  • Emery Kukal
  • Landyn Koehn
  • Karlee Block

Region VII Honors Band, Northern Hills Honors Band, and Augustana University Honors Band

  • Farynn Knutson
  • Rebecca Shuck
  • Madison Brown
  • Ryan Shuck
  • Emily Zickrick
Colby Shuck