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Kadoka Area School Board of Education


To prepare all students to reach their full potential in an ever-changing world.



The Board of Education, Administration and Staff of the Kadoka Area Schools will be responsible for making our school a place where students become lifelong learners. Our students, with the support of their parents and community, will become active and productive members of society.


The Philosophy and Goals of the Kadoka Area School District

It is the philosophy of the Kadoka Area School District:

To provide the best possible education that our resources will allow for all students.

Quality education can best be achieved through the cooperation and concern of a well-informed school board, administration, faculty, support staff, parents and community.

It is the policy of the Kadoka Area School to welcome visits, questions, comments and concerns from the patrons of the Kadoka Area School District.

The goals of the Kadoka Area School District reflect the philosophy. The following goals were formulated through the cooperative efforts of parents, staff and administration.

It is the goal of the Kadoka Area School District:

  • That every student receives a high-quality education and completes the coursework required for graduation.
  • To stress teaching styles that are adjusted to student learning styles.
  • To offer a curriculum geared to students’ educational needs.
  • To offer extracurricular programs to reflect the lifelong pursuit of physical fitness and the arts.
  • To have periodic reviews and assessments of the curriculum, school policies, and extracurricular activities.
  • To improve test scores though high-quality instruction.
  • To involve parents in early education and all through the educational process.
  • To provide safe, attractive, and structurally sound school plant and facilities.
  • To encourage community-school dialog to foster a positive attitude toward education.
  • To foster positive intra-staff dialog/communication.
  • To provide accessibility of the school to parents.
  • To promote lifelong learning.
  • To strive to improve equipment and education for keeping up with the increasing changes in world technology.
  • To have a drug-free school.