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Intervention Investigation

Use the PBIS World website to find interventions to assist your students.

  • Choose a scenario.
  • List 3-4 possible interventions.
  • Choose 1 of those and describe the why, when, how, and a possible resource you could use.  

Scenario 1:  Lucy is disrespectful in class. She is constantly frustrated with her work and struggles to follow directions. When addressed she will roll her eyes and dismiss most of what is being said to her. This affects her work and her relationships with others. 

Scenario 2:  Patty is typically the first one to finish her work in class. She makes repeated, careless mistakes and her handwriting is quite sloppy. She is a clock watcher - frequently asking when lunch or the next activity is.  

Scenario 3:  Linus frequently turns his assignments in late if he turns them in at all. A lot of times the work is completed, but he has lost or forgotten it. His locker is a mess and he shows up to class with the wrong materials. He is the kid who never has a pencil and struggles to stay on task.  

Scenario 4:  Marcie has been antagonizing others. She seems to enjoy annoying, poking, and tapping others to get attention and then running away. On the playground, she will often hang around younger students and tell stories about her experiences that are unrealistic. She gets jealous easily and is the "class clown."

Scenario 5:  Charlie frequently asks questions during class and needs reassurance he is doing the assignment correctly. He worries about the smallest details and things that are not in his control. He demonstrates low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in most tasks. He is a shy kid who doesn't smile often.