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Activity Pictures

When pictures of activities are taken we will be posting the available ones here.

Thank you to Renee Schofield, Ashley Schofield, and Jody Stout for providing this for our students and families!


Graduation Photos

Graduation Photos #2


2024 Track Pictures

Spring Musical - Wizard of Oz



02-27-2024 HS BBB @ Wall (Region Game)

02-29-2024 HS GBB SoDak 16 vs. Lyman

02-29-2024 HS GBB SoDak Pep Rally

02-23-2024 HS BBB vs. Philip

02-23-2024 BBB, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, & One-Act Parent's Night/Senior Recognition

02-22-2024 HS GBB at White River (Region 7B Finals)

02-20-2024 HS GBB vs. Edgemont (2nd Round Region 7B)

02-16-2024 HS BBB vs. Lyman

02-12-2024 HS BBB vs. Wall

02-10-2024 HS BBB at Belle Fourche

02-09-2024 MS & ELEM BBB vs. Wall

02-06-2024 HS BBB at New Underwood

02-03-2024 MS BBB vs. Wall

01-30-2024 HS BBB vs. Bennett County

01-29-2024 HS GBB vs. Philip

01-26-2024 Double Header vs. Bison

01-23-2024 HS BBB vs. Timber Lake

01-16-2024 One-Act Play Performance

01-09-2024 HS GBB vs. Lyman

12-19-2023 MS/HS Christmas Concert

12-19-2023 MS Play - Head Elf

12-9-2023 GBB & BBB vs. Faith

12-8-2023 GBB & BBB vs. Hill City

11-21-2023 Distinguished School Celebration

11-17/18-2023 Fall Musicals & Oral Interp

11-9-2023 MS GBB vs. Philip

11-16-2023 MS GBB vs. New Underwood

11-06-2023 MS GBB vs. Wall

10-31-2023 HS Volleyball - 2nd Round Regions vs. Jones County

10-26-2023 HS Football Quarter-final playoffs @ Faulkton

10-24-2023 HS Volleyball vs. Lakota Tech

10-24-2023 Volleyball and Cross Country Parent's Night

10-23-2023 HOSA Fall Launch

10-19-2023 HS Football @ Sully Buttes - 1st Round Playoff Game

10-13-2023 Senior Football Players with Mom's & Dad's

10-13-2023 Football Parent's Night

10-12-2023 HS Volleyball vs. Jones County

10-09-2023 JV Football at Philip

10-05-2023 National Honors Society Ceremony

2023 Homecoming Pictures

09-28-2023 MS Volleyball vs. Wall

09-26-2023 HS Volleyball vs. Bennett Co.

2023 Homecoming Coronation

09-22-2023 HS Football at Jones County

09-19-2023 MS Volleyball vs. New Underwood

09-14-2023 HS Volleyball vs. Faith

09-09-2023 MS Football Jamboree at Kadoka

09-01-2023 HS Football vs. Lyman

08-31-2023 HS Volleyball vs. Philip