• Lesson Plans

    Week of: September 5th-7th

    Theme: All About Me

    Skills: Learning the rules of school and making new friends

     Week of September 12th-14th

    Theme: Colors, Shapes, and Prepositions 

    Skills: 8 colors, 4 basic shapes, directions while using prepositions, and starting class jobs 

    Week of September 20-22

    Theme: Pete the Cat

    Skills: Letter P, Number 1, same/different

    Week of September 24-26

    Theme: Apples

    Skills:  Letter A, number 2, calendar--months and days of week

    Week of October 3-5

    Theme:  Fall

    Skills:   Letter F, number 3, weather

    Week of October 10-12

    Theme: Scarecrows

    Skills:  Letter S, prepositions, comparing sizes

    Week of October 17-19

    Theme:  Buttons and Fire safety 

    Skills:  Letter B, number 4, fire safety

     Week of Oct. 24-26

    Theme:  Halloween

    Skills:   Letter H, patterns, shapes

    Week of Oct 31-Nov. 2

    Theme:  Pumpkins

    Skills:   Number 5, science, sequencing

    Week of Nov. 7-9

    Theme:  Monsters

    Skills:  Feelings, counting 1-5, color review

    Week of Nov.14-16

    Theme:  Thanksgiving

    Skills:  syllables, rhyming, letter TWeek 

    Week of Nov. 21-22

    Theme:  Pilgrims/Thanksgiving

    Skills:   Making butter, predicting/creating new endings,  thankful

    Week of Nov.28-30

    Theme:  Turkeys

    Skills:  Number 6, letter T,  sorting numbers/letters

    Week of Dec. 5-7

    Theme:  Days of Week

    Skills:  number 7, letter W, order of days of week

    Week of Dec. 12-14

    Theme;  Christmas

    Skills:  Letter C,  syllables, 1:1 counting/numbers

    Week of Dec. 19-21

    Theme:   Christmas

    Skills:  Parent gifts, review, Santa 

    Week of Jan 9-11

    Theme:  New Year

    Skills:   Letter Y,  review of shapes, numbers, and letters

    Week of Jan. 16-18

    Theme:  The Mitten 

    Skills:  Letter I, number 8, rhyming

    Week of Jan 23-25

    Theme:  Dinosaurs

    Skills:  Letter D, patterns, counting / more or less

    Week of Jan. 30-Feb.1

    Theme:  Groundhogs

    Skills:   Letter G,  Shadow science, number 9

     Week of Feb. 6-10

    Theme:  Magnets

    Skills:  Number 10, magnet exploration,  interrupting chicken

    Week of Feb.13-15

    Theme: Valentines

    Skills:  Letter V,  mailing valentines, love, holiday party

    Week of Feb. 20-24

    Theme:  Royalty/castles

    Skills:  Letters  K and Q, science--sink/float, rhyming

    Week of Feb. 27-March1

    Theme:  Lions/Lambs

    Skills:  Letter L, weather (lion or lamb), opposites:

    Week of March6-8

    Theme:  5 senses

    Skills:   sight, smell, and taste,  Letter X

    Week of March 13-15

    Theme:  5 senses

    Skills:  touch, hearing, senses together, Letter Z

    Week of March 20-22

    Theme:  Eggs/Easter

    Skills:  Letter E, science--hatching eggs

    Week of March27-29

    Theme:  Rabbits/Easter

    Skills:   Letter R,  Easter party and egg hunt

     Week of April 4-6

     Theme:  Jelly beans/Measurement

    Skills:  Letter J, Measuring with a variety of objects, terms long, short, height, length

    Week of April 10-12

    Theme:  Hatching. Nests, compound Words

    Skills:  Letter N, hatching of eggs in incubator,  making compound words

     Week of April 17-19

    Theme:  Farm, Following Directions

    Skills:   Letter O, following 2 step directions,  Mrs. Wishy Washy

    Week of April 24-26

    Theme:   Review

    Skills:   Letter U, class field trip

    Week of May 1-3

    Theme:    Review

    Skills:   End of year testing

    Week of May 8-10

    Last week of school