The Kadoka Area School District utilizes a variety of tools to help teachers, students, and parents become more aware of academic progress in reading and math throughout their learning during the school year.  Although teachers have a variety of assessment strategies they are constantly using in the classroom like observational data, rubrics, and/or daily assignments and quizzes, the district uses specific universal testing tools to assist in monitoring student progress and guiding instruction for classes, groups of students and individuals. MAPs and STAR-360 are administered three times per year.  These testing times are referred to as BENCHMARK periods.

    At the elementary Jr. K-5th grade level (including K-8 grade students in outlying schools) the district uses an assessment called MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress).  See Introduction to MAPs video and NWEA MAPs Family Letter  (See below.)

    At the middle school and high school levels, the district uses an assessment called STAR-360. See Parents' Guide to STAR-360 assessments.

    In the spring of the year, Kadoka Area is required by the South Dakota Department of Education to administer the South Dakota  Assessment to 3rd-grade through 8th-grade students and juniors in high school.  The predictability of success on this test is closely aligned to success on the MAPs and STAR-360 assessments.  This data is reviewed at the end of the year with staff and interested stakeholders at a Title One Data Update.  Recommendations are made( based on this data) by participants as to what changes could be made within each class, school, and district to better support students, parents, staff, and administration. See South Dakota Assessment.



    Dear Kadoka Area Elementary Families,

    Benchmark NWEA-MAPs universal testing will be March 14 - May 10, 2022, for Kadoka Area Elementary students from Junior Kindergarten thru 8th- grade (6-8th outlying students.)  Our plan with starting earlier this year is to identify and teach to learning gaps and avoid overlap with state testing in 3rd– 8th grade.

    This is our 3rd MAPS test over the year.  Its purpose is to be sure students are on track for their year’s growth (and MORE), and to identify any student or curriculum needs.  These results will be shared with you with your child’s report card at the end of the semester.

    If you would like to see how our data is being used, we invite you to join your school’s team on MAY 18, 2022, from 9:00 am -to noon for a review of our district and school test scores and other information, and then help with the review of your school’s Parent Engagement Compact for the 2022-23 school year.  Please get in touch with  Mr. Lukens, Mr. Nemecek, or Mr. Hermann if you are interested in being a greater part of your child’s education!)

    During NWEA MAPs testing, teachers will be providing students with a review of the computerized assessment and staff will be available to students during the maximum 1-hour testing session.  There is no necessary preparation for your student before the assessment other than the standard recommendations for good rest, exercise, and eating!

    Please check out the Kadoka Area homepage for more information.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact Jeff Nemecek or Robbie Lukens.