• Hello everyone,

    I hope everyone had a great summer and you're ready to get back to school and all of our activities.  I had a nice summer.  My family took a vacation to the Black Hills for a week right when school got out.  We stayed in a cabin at a very high elevation near Deadwood.  We relaxed, enjoyed the sights, and did a lot of fishing.  My son and I caught six rainbow trout at Lake Pactola on the last day of our vacation and ate them for supper that night.  They tasted great! 

    We also took a short vacation to my parents' home on Lake Madison around the Fourth of July. We boated, swam, fished, and relaxed.  On the night of July Fourth, we had a large fireworks display down on the beach.  It was a great way to celebrate our independence and the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  

    The rest of my summer was mostly composed of working around the house, volleyball skills sessions, lifting weights, fishing, and enjoyong time with my family.  

    I wish everyone the best for this upcoming school year!

    Mr. Hutchinson