• Optional at Home Activities

    *These are only SUGGESTIONS to provide an activity if still want to benefit from exercise.   

    *SOCIAL DISTANCING - make sure if you choose to do something it is done individually.

    *This is an OPPORTUNITY for any individual to take part in postive activities for personal and emotional wellness during a stressful time. 


    • Take care of your body, make sure you are well hydrated, eating healthy, in a safe environment, and dressed properly. 
    • Good tennis shoes and proper workout clothes. 
    • Listen to your body – ease yourself in – push yourself, but don’t ignore what your body tells you. 
    • As typical – you may be a little sore the first few days – stick with it – you are strong!

    *Stretching pre/post workout is crucial to your safety and growth – don’t skip it!   

  • Optional Activites - choose what works for you... 

    Begin each activity with a Dynamic Warmup and end with Static Stretching

    Have fun!

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