•  Static Stretch (5-10m) – count of 15


    1. Hamstring Stretch – Sit on floor – legs apart – one leg in – bend to one side then the other – should feel pull in hamstring – SWITCH legs
    2. Leg Back Tuck Floor Stretch – works hips, butt, legs – ALTERNATE – knee up cross other leg up over and lean forward stretch
    3. Butterfly Stretch – Feet together, knees bent – hold feel push down on knees
    4. Groin Stretch – sit up straight – feet together legs straight out – push knees down and reach for toes
    5. Torso Twist Stretch – sit on floor – one leg in opposite arm across – hamstring/back stretch – leg under – then switch
    6. Quadriceps Stretch - Stand up pull leg behind – alternate
    7. Hanging Stretch – feet together – bend over, hang arms low touching toes
    8. Shoulder Stretch - Arm across front – shoulder arm behind neck
    9. Chest Stretch – arms out wide by sides push arms back as far as you can palms forward
    10. Biceps Stretch – twist palms to face backwards push arms back
    11. Side Stretch – Standing, arms extended above head – lean left – middle – lean right (helps with side aches and to open up muscles in stomach & sides)
    12. Calf Stretch – bend bottom of foot against a curb or wall and press forward (do with both feet – 1 at a time)
    13. Leg Swings – Hands hold on to something and swing straight leg in front of you – switch do with both legs