March Scholarships

  • Scholarships Due in March:

    Fool Soldier Scholarship--This award is open to descendants of the Fool Soldiers.  Eligible applicants must be able to prove their descendancy; have a GPA of 2.0 or higher; be planning to attend an accredited college, university, or vocational or technical school; and have financial need.  Award:  $500; Due--March 14

    Kimberly Rose Means-Native American Council of Tribes Scholarship--This scholarship benefits graduating high school seniors who are enrolled members of a South Dakota Native American tribe.  Applicants must plan to attend an accredited college, university, or vocational school: Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher; have participated in school and community activities; and have the desire and ability to accomplish his or her goals.  Award:  $750--Due March 15

    Osmann Family Native American Scholarship benefits graduating South Dakota high school seniors who are enrolled members of a Native American tribe.  Applicants must plan to attend a college in the South Dakota university system or a vocational or technical school in Sioux Falls, Watertown, Mitchell, or Rapid City and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher after seven semesters of high school.  Applicants must also have the desire and ability to succeed in further academic study and have participated in extra-curricular or community activities.  Award $1,000--Due March 15.

    Cogley-Buffington Certified Property and Casualty Underwriters must be graduating seniors from high schools throughout South Dakota, who plan to attend an accredited, four-year college or university.  Appllicants must also demonstrate financial need; have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, participate in extr-curricular and community activities, and demonstrate an interest in and understanding of the role of business in American society. Award:  $1,000--Due March 15.

    Fred and Marie Christopherson who plan to attend a four-year college or university in South Dakota, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.9 after seven semesters, and have a minimum ACT score of 28 are eligible for this award.  It is available to seniors graduating from South Dakota high schools.  Award:  $2,500--Due March 15.

    Pennington/Jackson Co Farm Bureau Scholarship--Applicant, applicant's parents, or guardian must be a current member of Pennington/Jackson Co Farm Bureau and must have been a member for two years.  Application forms can be picked up in Susan's office.--Due March 15th.

    Curtis Marvin Hohn Scholarship--$1000 Scholarships are awarded to seniors graduating from a SD High School attending a public or private college, university, or technical school in SD. (Preference will be given to applicants pursuing studies in history, political science, or water resources (i.e., water conservation; water quality; hydraulics; water systems management and operation; or environment. Application is in Susan's office--HAS BEEN CANCELED THIS YEAR DUE TO COVID

    SDACDE Karst recipient will be a current year graduate of a South Dakota High School. The recipient shall have graduated in the upper 50% of the class. The recipient will be a student going into an agricultural related field. You can pick up the application in Susan's office.--Due March 31

    Golden West Scholarship--The student's parents or legal guardians must reside within one of the Golden West telephone service areas and subscribe to a Golden West service.  Applicants must take the SAT or ACT by December 31 of their senior year.  Applicant will be judged on leadership abilities based on SAT or ACT scores, transcript of hich school credits, and scholarship award application. Application in Susan's office--Due March 15

    Charles A Vogelgesang/Ila E. Vogelgesang Scholarship--student must be in the upper 25% academic level of the class and return a completed application form, with a copy of his/her school record, including ACT/SAT scores.  Applications are the same for both the Ila E. Vogelgesang and the Charles A. Vogelgesang.  Due--March 15.

    CHS Foundation CHS Foundation will award 50 $1,000 high school scholarships to students planning to study an agricultural field at a two or four-year college and 25 $1,000 two-year college scholarships to first-year agricultural students attending a two-year college.--Deadlines vary.

    Richard-Hagen-Minerva Harvey Memorial program is for enrolled members of an American Indian tribe. Application can be picked up in Susan's office--Due March 7.

    ITCNET awards of $1000 and up for Native America/Alaskan students planning to pursue education in natural resources,--Due March 12th

    American Postal Workers Union, Hallbeck Memorial & Vocational awards of $1000, renewable, for a son/daughter of an APWU member--Due March 31

    SD Sheriff's Association college, criminal justice or law enforcement major--deadline March 2nd

    Federal Employee Education Association FEEA of $250-$1000, renewable.  Open to dependents of civilian federal and postal employees with at least 3 years of service, must have a 3.0+ GPA- Deadline March 25

    Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education or 3 min video describing how losing a parent or guardian affected you emotionally and financial--Due March 1

    Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War award to descendants of union veterans of the civil war, students must be interested in the study of history and can verify ancestry to the union veteran--Due March 31

    US Banking Scholarship $1,000 scholarship--Due March 31

    Angel Dolphin time students majoring in any area who have lost one or both parents. Due March 21

    Associated General Contractors of SD attending college/university or technical institute.  Must have desire to pursue highway-heavy-utilities construction career and be sponsored by AGC member. 4 different scholarships available. 

    South Dakota Bankers Foundation $1,000 scholarships awarded to juniors based on academics, activities, character and your response to an essay.--Due March 26.

    Casey Family Programs and Orphan Foundation of American Foster Care range from $1,500 to $6,000 per academic year and are renewable up to five years if a student remains eligible.  Must have been in foster care for one consecutive year before 18th birthday, or taken into legal guardianship out of foster care after age 16, or have been orphaned for at least one year at time of 18th birthday.  Must also be under age 25.--Due March 31

    Indian Health Service, fees, books, tutoring, monthly stipend of $1,250 and $300 per year to offset travel expenses-medical career-recipients incur a one-year service obligation to the Indian Health Service for each year of support for a minimum of two years--Due March 28

    George C. And Florence A. Smith Scholarship--$200.00 will be awarded to a Kadoka High School senior student who has shown exceptional sensitivity to human affairs and has talent toward the studies of science or social science.  The valedictorian and salutatorian of the class will be excluded from consideration for this scholarship award. More information in Susan's office--Due April 1

    Rosanne M.E. Albin's Memorial Scholarship--Graduating senior from Kadoka who wishes to further his/her education. More information in Susan's office--Due April 1

    Jessica Ray Grimes Memorial Scholarship--The Grimes Family would like to award a $200.00 scholarship in memory of Jessica Ray Grimes to one boy and one girl graduating senior from Kadoka High School. Scholastic criteria will not be a factor in selection of this scholarship recipient.  To be eligible the recipient must have enrolled in post-secondary degree program of some kind.  The recipient must have been an active participant in extra-curricular activities.  The recipient must display a love of life and have the qualities of being an outstanding leader, role model, and mentor to the people around him/her.  More information in Susan's office--Due April 1.

    Family Farms Farms Charities will be awarding two $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors pursuing a degree or career in agriculture.--Due March 15

    Elizabeth Trenchard Scholarship--Must be a resident of Haakon County, must attend a South Dakota Post High School Institution, must be a full time student. Maintain GPA of 2.00, must ATTACH a letter of acceptance from the Post High School Institution, The scholarship is confined to those where a need for financial assistance exists.--application is in Susan's office. Due by April 1st.

    South Dakota Fire Service Scholarship$1000.00 scholarship to two high school students to assist in their higher education.--Due March 15th.

    The Indian University of North America Summer Program at Crazy Horse, South March 1st.

    South Dakota Education Association/NEA Gordon Horgen Memorial Scholarship--The SDEA/NEA awards scholarships to Native American students who are planning on entering the teaching profession.  The Association may annually award up to two $750 scholarships for each academic year.--Due March 6--More information in Susan's Office.

    The Janice M. Scott Memorial of 3.0 or higher, demonstrates leadership, combined adjusted income of the parents cannot exceed $50,000.  Due before March 31.

    Build Dakota

    Bellator Titans Scholarship--Applications for this scholarship are in Susan's office--Due March 13th.

    John Forkenbrock Educational Scholarship--Application in Susan's office--Deadline March 2nd. 

    South Dakota Aviation Association--Application in Susan's office--Deadline March 30.

    Society for Range Management Masonic Range line March 1.

    SD Resource Conservation Speech Contest---application in Susan's office--Deadline March 30

    Siouxland Chapter CFMA Scholarship--The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) is a national organization that is dedicated to bringing together construction finance profesionals and those partners serving their unique needs.  The Siouxland Chapter created this scholarship to promote and award graduating high school seniors who wish to pursue an academic or technical degree in construction.  Applicants must plan to atend an institution of higher learning within a 100-mile radius of Sioux Falls, SD.  Award:  $500; Deadline 15th.

    Coach Russ Morrell Memorial Scholarship--Deadline is March 15th-Application is in Susan's Office

    Joe Foss "An American Hero" is March 15th--Applicants must plan to attend an accredited college or university or vocational or technical school: have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better and a minimum ACT score of 21; and demonstrate characteristics of an American patriot.  Available to seniors graduating from South Dakota high schools.  Apply online.

    First District Development Company--Have to be accepted into a business/finance program at an accredited, post-secondary instritution in South Dakota--Deadline March 31st--Application in Susan's offfice.

    Credit Union Foundation of the Dakotas Financial Education Scholarship--Application is in Susan's office--deadline March 31st.

    South Dakota Farm Bureau must be a member of SD Farm Bureau--deadline March 15th.

    2021 Amy P. Todd Education Scholarship--for those who are pursuing no less than a bachelor's degree in early, elemntary, or secondary education. Application is in Susan's office-deadline March 15th

    Microsoft Disabilty Scholarship-$20,000 3.0 GPA, current HS Senior living with a disability (as defined by WHO), whether that be visual, hearing, mobility, cognitive, speech or other disabilty.  Pursuing a degree in engineering, computers, law, business or a related field.--deadline March 1st.

    First Premier Bank Community Scholarship-customer or child of customer, college or votech March 1

    Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award--Graduating HS Seniors who are leaders within their communbity. 1

    Northern State University--Aberdeen--apllications available at 1

    South Dakota Association of Educational Office in Susan's office--deadline March 15th

    United Methodist March 24th

    Blades of Green$1000 undergrad or grad in environmental studies or related fields--deadline March 31

    Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U @ $1000 each; high school senior or college student; career in agriculture is not required, but future in the livestock industry is; 4-H or FFA involvement; showing and/or raising livestock--deadline March 15th

    SAE International Scholarships--Undergraduate engineering March 15th

    Hawkinson Scholarship--$1000-$5000 HS Seniors; college students; commitment to peace and March 2

    Odenza Marketing ages of 16 and 25; Submit answers to the essay questions; have at least one full year of post-secondary studies remaining; GPA of 2.5 or greater--deadline March 30

    Construction Industry Center March 31st

    Beyond the Cure Ambassador$3500 Childhood cancer survivor who has demonstrated the ability to overcome the difficult challenges of cancer with determination and motivaton--Deadlines March 31st

    National Restaurant Association Educational scholarships for students pursuing an education in restaruant or foodservice-related studies.  Deadline March 31st

    Pierre Players Community Theatre$500 High School seniors or college students.  Participation in fine arts programs, activities and events.  Deadline March 31st.

     SLS Consulting Marketing$500 3.0 GPA; high school senior or undergraduate student pursuing or planning to pursue a degree in marketing, business admistration, writing, design or computer science.  Deadline March 31

     Tylenol senior pursuing a career in healthcare--Deadline March 31st

    Daughters of American Agriculture ages 18-23; family is involved in agriculture--Deadline March 1

    First Dakota Scholarship--Application is in Susan's office-Deadline is March 7th