January Scholarships

  • Scholarships Due in January:

    Davis-Bahcall Scholars Program--doe.sd.gov--Davis-Bahcall Scholars will have the chance to spend four to five weeks of their summer exploring the world of modern scientific research at some of the nation's leading laboratories and universities.  They will spend two weeks at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, and travel to research laboratories within the United States and possibly in Italy (funding permitting). Candidates must:  Be age 18 or older at time of travel, Be a high school senior or college freshmen at time of application, attend a SD public, private or home school or postsecondary institution or have graduated from a SD high school, Have a demonstrated interest in science with the intent of pursuing a career in a math, science, engineering or technology field, Students may only participate in the scholarship program once.--Due Jan. 27

    SAE International Scholarships--www.students.sae.org--Undergrad and graduate engineering students

    Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship--www.gwcf.org--Due Jan. 15

    Dakota Corps Scholarship Program--www.sdbor.edu--Full undergraduate tuition and fees at a public South Dakota institution, a public technical school or a tribal school.  Students attending a private South Dakota college will receive the amount for a public institution and the private school will provide scholarship money for the remaining cost.  Must have a 2.8 GPA and a 24 or greater on the ACT.  Must agree to work in SD in a critical needs area for as many years as you receive the scholarship, plus one year. Due Feb 1

    ESA Foundation Scholarships--www.epsilonsigmaalpha.org--Due Feb 1

    GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship--www.reganfoundation.org--Exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship--Due Jan 5

    West River Electric Association Scholarship--www.westriver.com--Application is available online--Due Feb 9

    FFA Scholarships--www.ffa.org--Due Feb 6

    Drive Smart: No Distractions, No Excuses--Teen PSA contest--www.drivesmartnow.com--Due Jan 6.

    United States JCI Senate Foundation--www.usjcisentate.org--Graduating high school seniors in the US, where that states has an active JCI senate program.--Deadline Jan. 22nd.

    KEVN Black Hills Fox Annual Rising Star of the West Scholarship Contest--www.blackhillsfox.com--Deadline January 9th.

    Black Hills Angus Association Scholarship--Deadline Jan 15th--Application in Susan's office.

    South Dakota Association of Environmental Professionals (SDAEP) Scholarship Program--HS Seniors; 2.0+GPA; career in a trade supportive to the protection/enhancement of our natural resources, environment, and/or related fields (business, accounting, biology, chemistry, trucking, geology, hydrology, engineering, mechanics, computer science, education, agribusiness, heating/ventilation/refrigeration, environmental sciences, engineering technicians, government administration, energy technology); www.sdaep.org -Jan 15

    National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship Program--3.0 or higher GPA; Applicants must actively participate in hunting sports.  A copy of current hunting license is required.  Students must hold a current NWTF membership.  Apply at http://www.nwtf.org/jakes/-Deadline Jan. 1st

    Mensa Education scholarship-several awards up to $1000; 500 word essay-www.mensafoundation.org-Deadline Jan 15

    South Dakota Solid Waste Management SDSWMA Scholarship Program-HS Seniors; college/vo-tech; protection and enhancement of natural resoures (business, accounting, biology, chemistry, trucking, geology, hydrology, engineering, mechancis, computer schience, heat, ventilation, refrigeration, environmental sciences, engineering technicians, gov't adminstration, agribusiness, education,biohazard, energy)-www.sdswma www.sdswma.org--Jan 15

    Providian Medical Scholarship-$500 HS Senior or college undergrad; 3.0 GPA; preference given to those pursuing medical or veterinary degree but all fields of study are encourage to apply--www.providianmedical.com--Deadline Jan. 15th

    Wells Fargo Scholarship for People with Disabliites-$2500 renewable for up to 3 years; HS Senior or college undergraduate student; have an identified disablility (defined as someone who has, or considers themselves to have, a long-term or recurring issue that impacts one or more major life activities); minimum 3.0 GPA-https://scholarshapply.org/pwdscholarship--Deadline Jan 17

    Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship--$1000 HS 9-12th grader; college stuent; essay--digitalresponsibility.org--Deadline Jan. 30th

    Northwestern Mutual Childhood Cancer Survivor Scholarship-assists cancer survivors, age 25 and under, in continuing their education and pursuing their college dreams.  The scholarship program will award 25 renewable $5,000 scholarships.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are cancer survivors, age 25 or under, and plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two-or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school for the entire 2019-20 academic year.  Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (or the equivalent) and demonstrate financial need.--www.scholarsapply.org--Deadline Jan 30th

    BankWest Scholarship-$1500 BankWest Account holder for a minimum of six months preceding application deadline; HS senior or undergraduate student; have not previously received a BankWest Scholarship/ personal interview in March if chosen as a finalist -www.bankwest-sd.bank--Deadline Jan 30

    Automotive Women's Association Scholarships--studentscholarships.org--$2,500--15 Awards--Deadline January 9th

    Foot Locker Scholar Athletes--footlockerscholarathletes.com--$20,000-20 Awards-Be entering college in the Fall and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be involved in high school sports, intramural sports, or community-based sports.--Deadline January 8

    Material Handling Education Foundation Scholarship-mhi.org--$6,000-40 Awards-Deadline Jan. 15

    Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship--smeef.org--$10,000-100 Awards-Deadline Feb 1st